Integration of government and enterprises, jointly building lithium battery recycling enterprises


On the morning of August 26th, the new energy lithium battery green recycling industrial park project held a groundbreaking ceremony in Mudanjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone. Liu Junwen, Deputy Secretary of Mudanjiang Development Zone, Duan Xianghui, Deputy Director of Mudanjiang Development Zone, Li Miao, Deputy Director of Municipal Development and Reform Commission, and Liang Tian, Deputy Secretary of Municipal Economic Development Group, attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. Sun Shugang, General Manager of Beisen New Energy Operations, was invited to attend the ceremony.

With the increasing market penetration rate of new energy vehicles, lithium batteries, as the core energy equipment of electric vehicles, have also experienced explosive growth in their retirement, recycling, and cascading utilization.

Based on the construction needs of new energy vehicle lithium battery recycling in Mudanjiang City, and with the principle of ecological environment protection, we will develop lithium battery recycling business and jointly promote the battery life cycle management of the public transportation system in Mudanjiang City. Mudanjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone and Beisen New Energy fully leverage their respective advantages, and jointly invest in the establishment of a joint venture company through the integration of government and enterprise.

Recently, the joint venture company has completed its industrial and commercial registration and is located in Accelerator Zone 1 of the Municipal Development Zone. With a total investment of 100 million yuan, it plans to build a research and development center, raw material warehouse, aging warehouse, finished product warehouse, etc., and will also introduce three new lithium battery recycling production lines. After the project is completed, it can achieve an annual processing capacity of 10000 tons of scrapped lithium batteries and an annual production capacity of 10000 sets of lithium battery packs. It is expected to achieve an annual output value of 20 million yuan. After the project is completed, it will play a positive role in promoting the development of the new energy industry in Mudanjiang, filling the gap in the province and contributing to the high-quality revitalization and development of Mudanjiang.

Beisen New Energy is a service manufacturing provider that realizes the cascading and comprehensive utilization of lithium batteries in multiple fields. It has been deeply involved in the lithium battery cascading utilization industry for many years. Its subsidiary, Bosen New Energy, has been awarded the industry standard condition enterprise (whitelist enterprise) for the comprehensive utilization of waste power batteries in new energy vehicles by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. Its independent brand products are sold to more than 200 branches across the country, and its subsidiary, Bosen New Energy, is engaged in the recycling, dismantling, capacity division, research and development Mature solutions in application, sales, and other aspects. Relying on this first mover advantage and with strong support from the Mudanjiang Municipal Government, the joint venture company will continuously launch competitive and differentiated new products and services to seize the market with high-quality construction, rapid production, technological innovation and business model innovation, and establish a benchmark in the lithium battery recycling industry.

In the future, the joint venture company will play a model and demonstration role, radiating to surrounding cities, strengthening deep cooperation between the government and enterprises, driving the construction and development of lithium battery recycling enterprises, providing professional lithium battery recycling and comprehensive utilization supporting services for cities, and making positive contributions to promoting green economy, protecting the environment, and achieving sustainable development.

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